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bird watching

Indonesia Bird Watching Tour

Indonesia is the world's large archipelago consist of the 17.000 islands which has 1.948.700 square Km and has 1.531 species of birds with 381 endemics birds species.

Sumatra - Java – Bali  (Greater Sunda Island) Bird tour

The western part of the country comprising Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Bali, lying on the Sunda shelf and known as the Greater Sunda Island was once linked to Asian mainland as result some large Asian land animal and rich species of Birds, including elephant, tigers, rhinoceros, leopard, tropical birds, still survive and the dense rain forest and abundant flora of Asia are in evidence.

The Most Destination for Bird Watcher

  • IN JAVA (600 species, 37 endemics birds species)

bird watching tourJava has some Beautiful and unique national park
Ujung Kulon National Park is the famous last home of the Javan Rhinoceros and leopard, its beautiful and unique National park situated at the extreme west point of java, the reserve comprises expanses of flat swampy forest with 2 small mountain of excellent evergreen rain forest, some opened grazing ground, beaches, cliffs and several offshore island. 220 pecies of birds has been recorded . the park offer excellent birdwatching in all habitant. Ujung kulon national park birding spot: Handeleum island - cigenter river - Grazing groune - Cikabembem - Jamang Tanjung alang alang - Nyiur -  Cidaon - Peucang island - cibom - ciramea - tanjung layar - karang rajang - kalejetan.


Gunung Gede - Pangrango National park & Gunung Halimun – Salak National Park is easily reached from Bogor to the Puncak pass, the headquarters is at the famous Cibodas Botanical garden at chilly 1200 m, and the park rice to 3026 m at Pangrango Peak in a mossy elfin forest with alpine meadows. Most of the 140 km2 park is composed of evergreen sub-montane forests. Gales have damage many large trees but otherwise the forest are lush and grand. the forest is tall, dense, dark, and often rain.  The wild life is also very diverse in the park and some species are rare and protected, some of the major endangered mammals are the javan gibbon javan leopard, the silver leave monkey. 244 species of birds have been recorded with 32 are endemic of java species such as the javan hawk-eagle. mount/gunung gede birding spot : Cibodas botanical garden - golf coures are - telag biru - water fall cibereum - spring water  air panas - kadang badak - up to the top mount special for javan cochoa and  Volcano swiftlet.


Baluran National park on the dry north-eastern tip of java is one of the most easily visited park in Indonesia, with grasslands reminiscent of African or Australian, The rive-in the park is noted for its buffaloes, banteng, deer and bird life. Impressive list of about 200 species of birds. Baluran national park birding spot : starting 500 m  from the gate - Bekol - Bama

another bird watching spot in java, carita forest, Pulau Dua, Pulau Rambut, Muara Angke, Pamanukan Pondok bali, Bogor botanical garden, Prambanan temple (central java) and Mt. Ijen forest (east java).

  • IN BALI (313 species, 28 endemic birds)

bali starlingWest Bali / Bali Barat National Park is a beautiful large wild area at extreme end of bali with total area 777 km2, forest range from montane to dry monsoonal with moist forests  in shelter gulleys and most of the park is savanna. The various environment and animal include monkey, deer, wild pig, iguana. The park famous as the only wild home  of endemic White Bali Myna or Bali Starling.

another birding spot in bali: Nusa Dua Pound, Benoa harbour and Bedegul.



  • IN SUMATRA (600 species, 37 endemics birds species)

Sumatra has some excellent national park for bird watching tour
Mount Kerinci-seblat is another very large park about 15.000 sq km, Mt. Krinci (3085 m) known as Rafflesia, the park includes  a full range of continuous forest from lowlands to mountain it is wild area where rhinoceros and tapir still roam,  the best place from which to explore bird watching is in the town of Kersik Tuo Kayu Aro / Muara Sako, Tapan Road and Sungai Penu in the Krinci valley.

Bukit Barisan National Park in southern Sumatra is difficult to reach but containing varied flora from coastal to rain forest and large mammal species including tigers, elephants, and tapirs. The best place from which  to explore in the town of Liwa, the bird watching/ birding spot Way Titias and Danau Ranau. Waytitias special for Tokhtor (Sumatra Ground-Cuckoo) and Danau Ranau for Poksay Haji (Sumatra Laughingthrush). The current list 121 species of birds.

bird watching tour Way Kambas National Park in lampung province is noted for the elephant which are protected in the park but also exploited ia a elephant training show and Sumatra Rhinoceros Sanctuary. Its large oastal reserve 0f 1235 sq km and contain of non-peaty swam forest, costal forest, and patches of original lowland rain forest. This mosaic very rich for bird and over 230  species have been recorded.  way kanan - Way Kambas birding spot : start from the gate of waykambas on the roda to waykanan, boat trip way kanan river - rawa gajah - kali biru.



  • Sulawesi ( 380 species, 115 endemic birds)
  • Maluku (Halmahera, Manusela National Park on Seram) 344 species, 96 endemic birds

Sulawesi and Halmahera Bird watching spot:
Karaenta, Lore Lindu National Park, Bogani Nani National Park, Tangkoko and Warta Bone National park / Dumoga bone National Park.
Halmahera, Tanah Batu Putih, tobelo, Labi Labi and sidangoli.


  • Nusa Tenggara / Lesser Sunda (Sumba Timur, Florest and Timor) 398 species, 104 endmic birds
  • West Papua (Arfak Mt, Waimena for montane birds, Lake sentani, and Wasur National Park for lowland birds) 647 species, 52 endemic bird

Sulawesi owlet by Daphne Gemmil


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