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panaitan island

  • Panaitan surfing tour Panaitan island is paradise surfing island

Panaitan Island is part of Ujung Kulon National park, Panaitan island has a beautiful shape coral reef and the island facing to the Indian Ocean, the wave are perfect break tube, prefect barreling and the water are glassy and clear, panaitan island is one of the best surfing point in the world, panaitan have more then 5 point break wich has well know by surfer from all around the world, the surfing tour to panaitan island can be reach by fast boat or large slow wooden boat from carita beach or sumur, most of the surfer or visitor stay on board or make camp site on the beach whic the boat will take the surfer to go to the point  break. the view of perfect sunset and sunrise can be seen here during the trip. Panaitan cover are 17.500 ha has many nature secret that can be enjoyed, Panaitan island has historical fact of Ganesha Statue which is located at the top of Mount Raksa as prove that in the past there was humanization of Hinduisem there.

one palm point

Surfing Panaitan Island West Java Indonesia is located in Western of Java and belong to
It is one of the best surfing area in South Asia it has been popular and well know by surfer from all over the world.
Temperature range between 25°C to 30°C and surrounded   by usually warm water seldom varying from between 29°C to 30°C , open Indian Ocean and mostly Reef break.
Best time to go : May until October

Map Panaitan surfing Point


  • ONE PALM POINT a shallow reef break  open relentless barreling left
  • ROC ’ N ROLL along hollow winding left that break into the deep water
  • NIGHT PALMS a smoking left
  • PUSSY CAT an easy left fun workable walls breaking into deep water
  • APOCALYPSE that has been compared to Back Door Pipe
  • DAVES Place another Left
  • And other unnamed Point break / spot on main land Java Ujung Kulon

apocalipse point

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