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Krinci Seblat and Tapan Road Birding Trip

12 days / 11 nights


Day 1
arrive in Jakarta

Day 2
flight Jakarta - Padang, Arrive In Padang Central Sumatra night at Padang
(Night at Hotel in Padang)

Day 3
Drive through the hill mainly through forest and village occasional stop for birding around Danau Krinci and around swamps/padi
(Night at Subandi Home Stay)

Day 4-7
Krinci Seblat in South Sumatra west indonesia's second largest national park. The Park in the central are of the southern sumatra bukit barisan range. the elevation 200 meters to the summit of Gunung Kerinci, which is 3.805 Meters. with the large area and altitudinal range from lowland to alpin areas, the park is exceptionally important wetland, montane and hill forest and alpine woodland, as a consequence of this diversity of habitants, biodiversity within the park very high. of special interest to the birder are the many endemic Sumatran bird species that found here along with pletora of rare restricted-range birds, mammals, reptil and invetebrates, and plants including various species of the astounding Rafflesia and Amorphophallus. Botanically the Krinci-Seblat National Park is more than twice as rich as the Amazon Basin Most of the restricted-range birds occur in the hill forest along the Tapan Road in thr montane forest on the slopes of Gunung Kerinci and Gunung Tujuh. there are fiteen sumatran endemic to be found within the boundaries of Kerinci-Seblat National Park and further six endemic sahred only with java. a Number of the important species are shared with Malasyian, java or Borneo, including the spectacular Fire-tufted barbet, a monotypic genus confined to the upland forest of Penensular Malaysia and Sumatra delightfull common on Gunung kerici and Tapan Road.On the slope of gunung Kerinci, a plethora of diminutive ground-dwellers can distract one from the main task of searching for the endemic. Pygmy wren-babbler, Eyebrowed Wren-babbler, Sunda robin, Lesser shortwing, and White-browed Shortwing are all common, Th lower stretches of the forest appears to be Wren-Babbler heaven as the vocalisation of Pygmy, eye browed and rusty-brested provide a constant background, while the fascinating long-billed Wren-babbler (other whise found only in the Himalaya) is constituent of mix flocks. Other species found in the exciting mixed flocks include White-broweed Shrike-babbler, Grey Throated Babbler, Golden Babbler, and sunda minivet. it seem that rainy days are good for dwelling species, Gunung kerinci also noted as great site for some very scarce night birds Pale-headed froughmout, Rajah Scop Owl, Barred eagle owl, and salvadory's Nightjar.  

Day 8
Drive to Sungai Penuh, afternoon along the Tapan Road.

Day 9-10
Tapan Road, Midmontane and lower elevation of Kerinci-Seblat National Park along the Sungai Pehuh - Bukit Tapan - Muara Sako Road. after few day birding on gunung kerinci, the birding along Tapan Road down to Muara Sako is Positively racey, the tapan road winds up from the town of sungain Penuh to Bukit Tapan to the west. the area between the bukit Tapan Pass 1500 m and the small village of Muara Sako lies within the krinci seblat National Park, protecting some really wonderful hill and lower montane forest. this is the best site for number of Sumatran Endemic as well as for many more widespread spectacular Sundaic species. the best strategy is to walk along the road from the pass down to Muara sako, although this will take full day birding. there are not trail in to the forest so finding the Ground-dwelling specialities, like graceful pitta, and Bronze-tailed Peackok-pheasnt, is not easy task requring some dedicated bush-bashing.
(Night at Aroma hotel)

Day 11
Early moring birding Tapan Road, Drive to Padang
(night at Padang hotel)

Day 12
Padang to Jakarta fare wall
(Night in jakarta hotel)

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