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krakatau volcano


  • The Krakatoa Volcano Tour - Krakatau Volcano Tour is tour TO THE ONE OF RING OF FIRE TOURS
Climbing KrakatauKrakatau tour or krakatoa Volcano tours is the tour to the world heritage site and TOUR TO THE ONE OF RING OF FIRE TOUR KRAKATAU, The tours can be start From Jakarta airport or Jakarta hotel drive to Carita Beach and continiung the journey will start from Costal Town of Carita Beach crossing sunda strait by speed boat double engines to the volcanic island of Krakatoa-Cracatoa-krakatau which about 45 miles a way and the journey will takes about 1,5 hours on the way sail to Krakatau volcano or Krakatoa volcano accomapied bylocal guide from www.krakatau-tour.com, possibility to see group of flying fish, Tuna, dolphin come to the surface and jump, for while the view of Sumatra and java island can be see as well, the fishing house nearby Carita beach and fisherman with traditional wooden boat make completely scene of Sunda strait, the Sunda strait is busy shipping land. the first destination is anak krakatau-anak Krakatoa (child of Krakatau or The Baby of Krakatoa), sail around the anak Krakatau to see the kind of larva and the smoke can be seen come out from the VAN and from the sloven of Krakatau the new crater now is on the side toward to the west since November 2007, the boat will stop for view minutes to take time and give chance to get picture of smoking steam crater of Krakatau / Krkatoa and the tour will continuing the journey to the land of Anak Krakatau volcano - The Baby of Krakatoa volcano, landing at the Krakatau beach mostly clear water with soft and hot black sand, after take rest for a few minute continuing tracking, hiking and climb up to the top of Anak Krakatau, the normal tours to Krakatau climb up only to the first level (the first elevation)  at about 180m from sea level, also possible to climb up to the second level (highest elevation) at about 300 m from sea level need authority permit. the journey will takes about 30-40 minutes to climbing first level of anak Krakatau and will takes about 90 minutes climbing Krakatau - Cracatoa Volcano - Krakatoa Volcano to the highest elevation. the fabulous view from the elevation one of your proudly if you can reach the first elevation its also be our proudly to take you to the elevation of Krakatau volcano. from here we can see the view of outer Island of Krakatau and one of the best place to take a picture of Krakatau and other island around Krakatau (Sertung Island, Rakata Island, and panjang island) Sumatra and Java can be seen when the weather are clear. the hot volcanic sand and smoke steam come out from rock hole "Van" make the completely of your trip to krakatau volcano tours or Krakatoa tour, the next destination we will visit Rakata island (The Mother of Krakatau) for skin dive or snorkeling at the Legon Cabe "Chili Bay" coral reef here we will try to see kind of colorful coral fishes after skin dive we will landing on the beach for lunch, swimming and sun bathing the beach at Rakata island mostly clear glassy and blue water here is last destination the tour completely and sail back to Carita beach end of tour. to make your experiences and adventure tours more impressing about Krakatau we suggest you to visit Anyer light house here you will see the ruin of old light house which destroyed by Tsunami of Krakatau 1883 and the new light house was built in 1885 or 2 year after Krakatau explosion with big Bang (Krakatoa Big Bang 1883) .
Krakatoa volcano tour or Krakatau Volcano tour : krakatau volcano or krakatoa volcano are same, most local people says Krakatau Volcano or Gunung Krakatau and most forigner says Krakatoa Volcano because easier to says Krakatoa volcano than Krakatau volcano.
  • The Krakatoa - Krakatau Story

krakatau volcanoThe Krakatoa Volcano - Krakatau Volcano Indonesia this group of island consists of three islands and one volcano. These islands and volcano were formerly a single giant ancient Krakatoa - Krakatau volcano. It believed that the ancient volcano erupted at around 600 AD and tore apart in to 3 islands which now surrounded the current active volcano. Due to the volcanic activities, once again the southern part of he remain grew up and formed a new volcano, followed by the growth of other two volcano to its north and joined up together formed a 9 km of length and 3 km of width of fire island.

August 27, 1883 was recorded as the biggest eruption the volcano ever made. Killed more than 36.000 peoples, devastated the surrounding area with it's 30 -40 m high of tidal wave. The two volcanoes on the north plus half cone of the southern volcano were gone. The baby volcano it self just grew around 30 years the big bang. The smoking cone you now see is a grandchild of Krakatau, Anak Krakatau / Anak Krakatoa (the Baby of Krakatau), which first appeared in 1929 and has been growing yearly

Ample time to climb on moon like landscape Actual height of  old Krakatoa - Krakatau 813 M. Actual height of anak ( child ) of Krakatau 194 M in 1987. and 300 m in 2006 which in 1927 emerged from the bottom of the sea. Trip depend on the demand and availability 10 hours or 6 hours on day trip. Also possible stay over night Camping at Krakatau Island / Krakatoa Island.  Boat available from Carita.1 up to 1,5 hours by speed boat 3 up to 4 hours by Slow wooden boat.
  • KRAKATOA 1883 - KRAKATAU 1883

krakatau tourThe Krakatoa - Krakatau Volcano Indonesia, The Big bang of KRAKATAU 1883 / KRAKATOA 1883 On Monday morning August 27th 1883 at 10.05. The Sound of Krakatoa - Krakatau explosion in 1883. It’s heard in Srilangka, India, Karachi, Australia ( Perth ), Madagascar Island, and reach 3000 miles a way to the Indian Ocean

Krakatau 1883 - Krakatoa 1883 Tossed  18-20 cubic kilometer Material of earth 30 Km high in to the atmosphere, the heavy material Back to the earth but the soft material and particles gas and ash rise up to the atmosphere and  covering the atmosphere caused radiation of the sun back to the space. The  hot wave of Volcanic gas and ash was circling and traveling around the globe 7 times for 4 days, Caused Blood Red color , Orange and  Fantastic colored sun set, Blue Moon can be seen for 4 – 5  years (1883 – 1888).- Caused Disturbances of radio communication all round the globe for 3 day. The Krakatau Volcano - krakatoa volcano explosion has power more than 100.000 ton Atomic boom.

  • The Krakatau - Krakatoa Volcano Tidal Wave (Tsunami) 1883
BREOUW STEAMER BOATThe Giant Tsunami of Krakatoa - Krakatu Volcano about 30 - 40 Meter High and the speed reach about 180-200 km/h.  It was destroyer more than 270 villages around Java and Sumatra and more than 36.000 people die by tsunami and most the kids was killed by the Volcanic Gas. The  Krakatau - Krakatoa tsunami Lifted the Steamer Boat BEROUW up the Kaoeripan River valley at Lampung bay depositing the ship over 3 miles inland and killing all 28 crew steamer ship, On Sunday August 27th 1883 at 10.05 am the sky was changed suddenly dark and the lighting blasted, rained by black sand, ash and dust. in the distance could be seen the thousands of flame rock flied tossed to the atmosphere from Krakatoa -Krakatau volcano, the local peoples said that was Dooms day “ KIAMAT”  the big stone as big as car was land on Carita beach, and many prisoners was killed by blasted lighting at Tanjung Layar Light house (Ujung kulon) and the light house was destroy as well. it was reported later and The Anyar Light house  to navigated Shipping land at Sunda Strait was destroyed too but the light house keeper was secure and report on light house keeper log book. The Ruin of Old Anyer Light house its proof  only staying one which we can see to day after krakatau volcano eruption 1883 and new light house was built in 1885 about still exis to day to navigate sunda strait, its about 50 Meters from the the ruin of old light house .
  • The Effect of Krakatoa - Krakatau volcano hot wave, dust and ash into the Atmosphere
- Caused Blood red color, orange and fantastic colored sunset, blue moon can be seen for 4-5 years (1883-1885).
- Caused Disturbances of radio communication all around the globe for 3 day.
- The fabulous sunset can be seen in Australia, Paris, England, japan, Brazil and USA.
- Japan, Yoko hama August 29th 1883, "Blood Red with jet like smoke passing across it's face lasted 2 day
- In Sarry has light pink cirras stripes  at sunset September 26th 1883.
- Buenos Ayres February 24th 1884, the glow was begin they lasted 1,5 hours the sun and the moon occasionally colored.
- Somerset, Mass U.S (S.S.R) beautiful colored sunset at last of September 1883.
- Rio de janeiro Last of September 1883 very strong glows as never before seen.
- Chelsea, west London, the sky seriously changing at the sunset between September 1883 - 1886.
  • Reborn of Anak krakatau - Anak Krakatoa (Child of Krakatoa Volcano)
At Elevation of tour Anak KrakatauForty years after the main explosion of Krakatau, in the beginning of 1927, volcanic activity was seen in the sea covering the old caldera, between the sites of the two northern most  former volcanoes of Krakatau / Krakatoa, where the greatest activity had occurred at the time of the cataclysm. A series of eruptions 185 m below the surface of the sea resulted in the emergence of tree new island, one after the other. They were all soon destroyed by surf. A fourth emerged from the sea on August 12th 1930. It remained above water, and was aptly named Anak Krakatau ( Child of Krakatau / The Baby of Krakatoa ). its grew by the accumulation of ash, and suffered a devastating eruption in 1952, and another very destructive one in 1972. It is now 300 m high and 2 km in diameter, and is still active. The northeast coast, north forel and and east fore land are now vegetated; the succession of vegetation is still at an early stage, over 200 species of higher plants Casuarina Equisetifolia (Cemara ) being the dominant trees and 36 kinds species of birds was recorded at 1980.
Krakatoa - Krakatau Map Krakatau - Krakatoa Map
The three outer islands of the present Krakatau Volcano / Krakatoa Volcano group (Rakata, Sertung and Panjang) are though to be the remnants of one previous huge volcanic island called "Ancient Krakatau" it was 11.000 m in diameter and 2000 m high, according to records in the Javanes BOOK OF KING it exploded and collapsed, perhaps in prehistoric times but possibly as recently as 416 AD.
  • Type and Typical of Krakatau (Krakatoa) volcano  Sunda Strait Indonsia
Name                        : Krakatoa Volcano or Krakatau Volcano
Location                   : Sunda Strait, between Java and Sumatra, Indonesia
Coordinate               : 6°06'05,8'' S, 105º25'22,3'' E (Coordinate of Krakatau Krakatoa)
Summit elevation  : Rakata Island 813 M (2.667 ft), Anak Krakatau 300 M
Volcano type           : Caldera
Last eruption of Krakatau : 1530, 1680, 1684, 1883 Destruction (Plinian eruption), 1927-30 Contruction (reborn of anak Krakatoa/Krakatau),  1931-32, 1932-34, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1946-47, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1958-59, 1959-63, 1965, 1969, 1972-73, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1988, 1992-93, 1994-95, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, Oct 2007 - March 2008, 24th March 2009 till October 2009, October 2010, Februray 2012, September 2012, 28 March 2013, 19 June 2018 - Now Active Explosive Eruption, ... !,
Krakatau typical eruption : Explosive, Contruction of chinder cone island (Anak Krakatau) inside caldera formed by the Krakatau 1883 eruption. frequently strombolian activities.
Krakatoa tour - Krakatau tour  the new up date information about Krakatau volcano:
The Krakatoa Volcano - krakatau volcano are active with explosion and tossed the hard material
since 24th March 2009 till to October 2009October 2010, February 2012, September 2012, 28 March 2013 Krakatau Volcano Active eruption... its would be nice to see the night explosion in the night with Krakatoa-Krakatau Volcano tour stay over night trip.
Today update  19 June 2018 - Now Active Explosive Eruption.
Krakatau Volcano Island - Krakatoa Volcano Island (Anak Gunung Krakatau) Administration:
In 1976 North Gunung Honje is Part of Ujung Kulon by Decision Letter of Ministrer of Agriculture No.39/kpts Um/1979, covering area of 9,498 ha, by Decision Letter of Ministri of Forestry No.96/kpts/II/1984,the area consisting of: Ujung Kulon Peninsula, Gunung Honje, Peucang and Panaitan Island, Krakarau Volcano Island - Krakatoa Volcano (Anak Gunung Krakatau) and Carita Receration Park.
In 1990 based on Decision Latter of Director General Forest Protection and Nature Conservation o.44/kpts/DJ/1990 on 8 May 1990, Ujung Kulon National Park relasing Krakatau Volcano Island to Management of Nature Conversation II Tanjung Karang, and Carita Recreation Park to Perum  Perhutani Unit III West Java.
In 1992 Ujung Kulon National Park and  Krakatau Volcano - Krakatoa Volcano Island Nature Reserve declared as World Heritage Site By United Nation Education, Social and Culture Organization (UNESCO) With the decree No.SC/Eco/5867.2.409, on  1992.
The Tour Krakatoa Tour Krakatau can be start from Jakarta Airport or Jakarta Hotel drive to Costal town of Carita Beach will takes about 3-4 hours drive and Continuing by Speed Boat double engines to Krakatau / Krakatoa Volcano Island which the journey will takes about 1,5 hours.
The Tour Krakatoa - Tour Krakatau is best for Photos Volcanic tour and landscap, exploring tour Volcano, Study Tour Krakatau/Krakatoa Volcano, Hiking and Climbing Krakatoa tour, tour Adventure Camping Krakatoa or Camping tour Krakatau which the skin dive and Snorkeling at Krakatau volcano island are excellent too, the clear blue water and Black sandy beaches are best for those who love Beaches.

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