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Krakatau Tour

Date added:
Friday, 17 April 2009
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Wednesday, 24 June 2009
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Krakatau Tour - Krakatoa tour (krakatau volcano tour - Krakatoa volcano tour)

Krakatoa or Krakatau tour give Information (krakatau volcano or Krakatoa volcano)?.

The Krakatau is most popular for local people and krakatoa most foreigner say that words.

How to get there?.

To get to Krakatau Volcano or tour to Krakatoa can be reach by boat starting from Carita beach.

What kind of boat to get there?

-You have to go by double engines Fast Boat is the standard safety (Safety because if one engine get trouble you still have another one), don't go by single engine boat because if one engine trouble?, you will be in trouble too.

-Large slow wooden boat is also standard (safety, its use special for the long trip and long destination engine).      

How long to go to Krakatau or Krakatau tour by fast boat and Large wooden Boat?

by fast boat double engine its only 1,5 hours to Krakatau volcano island.

by Large slow wooden boat its takes about 3,5 hours to go to Krakatau / Krakatoa volcano

How Far Krakatau volcano / Krakatoa volcano from carita beach ?

Carita Beach to krakatau volcano its about 40-45 miles or about 60 km a way.

What time to start the tour to Krakatau volcano - Krakatoa Volcano ?.

The tour to Krakatau volcano / Krakatoa volcano tour will start at 7.30 - 8.30 after break fast. but depend on request too.

What should to bring for tour to krakatau volcano ?

Sund block / Lotion, swim suit, hat, shoes, towel, and camera.

There is Accommodation in Krakatau Volcano Island ?

No there is no Accommodation in Krakatau Volcano Island. so if you want to stay at krakatau volcano we have to make campsite on the beach. we will prepare the equipment for camping tour at krakatau.

What equipment do you have for Camping ?

we will prepare Tent, mat / matras and  sleeping bag, Coll Box + Ice,  Also we will prepare all logistic.












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