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Welcome to Indonesia Archipelago and visit Krakatau Volcano


krakatau-tour.com ( http://www.krakatau-tour.com ) provided free information and update package Tours or Eco tour and Eco adventure in Indonesia to do responsible tours and traveling including handle FIT and volume group travel business with regular and specialized quality program. to those who want to visit, Tour and Traveling to Krakatau tour - Krakatoa tour (Krakatoa volcano tour - Krakatau volcano tour), Adventure Tours Volcano, Ujung Kulon tour, Tour Ujung Kulon National Park, Baduy tribe Tour, West Java, Java, Sumatra and Bali birding or bird watching Tour, Sumatra Java Bali  Volcanos and overland tour, surfing tour to Panaitan island, west java, Krakatau Dive Tour, Ujung Kulon Dive tour, Sumatra and Bali surfing tour and other tours adventure in Indonesia.

Our Package Tours and Eco-adventure tour package are carefully designed with the big consideration on Eco-tourism, causes minimal impact to the environment, local people and we do responsible travel. Our top-quality service focuses on personal attention, safety, comfort and environmental responsibility.
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krakatau tour Indonesia map
With Krakatau Tour - Krakatoa Volcano Tour (Java Rhino eco-tour Indonesia and information center) we invite you to "take a walk on the wild side" and explore the exciting possibilities offered by the most bio-culturally diverse place on earth. where else can you find thousand of unique mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, plants, fungi, corals, crustaceans, fishes, and other marine creatures in land-water continuum peopled by hundreds of distinct ethnic group, each speaking their own languages, and practicing unique cultural tradition. as the world's archipelago stretching across over 17.500 islands and 5100 km Indonesia's bio-cultural diversity is so vast that every year new terrestrial or marine species are discovered and previously unknown custom are uncovered.
Indonesia is the world's large archipelago consist of the 17.500 islands which has 1.948.700 square Km and have the most actively volcanic region in the planet most of 70% volcanic in Indonesia are active INDONESIA RING OF FIRE. Visiting to Indonesia can't be complete without Visiting and Tour to KRAKATOA / KRAKATAU VOLCANO TOUR and TOUR UJUNG KULON NATIONAL PARK, your visit will be 1,5 hours speed boat trip to Krakatau Krakatoa depart from Carita beach. krakatau is one of the most fascinating area in the world. the eruption of 1883 captures the imagination and spectacular volcanic Krakatau Krakatoa activity continues to the present. to those who interested in biology the way islands are colonised by Plant and animal. not only the islands from which life was eradicated by the eruption KRAKATOA - KRAKATAU 1883 but also new volcanic island of anak Krakatau anak Krakatoa (Child of Krakatau - Child of Krakatoa) the areas holds a unique attraction.
you may explore the heights of cloud forest, if you have ever dreamed of lush tropical blue lagoons, coral reefs teaming with multicolored marine life or rainforest canopies echoning with wild life, our tour can take you there.
krakatau volcanoVisit and Tour to KRAKATAU - KRAKATOA Volcano The World Heritage Site or Tour to the volcanic island the journey will takes only 1,5 hours by private fast boat double engines form Costal Town of Carita Beach crossing Sunda strait or sailing Sunda Strait enjoying how rich the jungle and marine which is our local guide from www.kratau-tour.com will accompaied along the trip, on the way to Krakatau Krakatoa / Krakatau tour or Krakatoa tour possibility to see the group of fling fishes, tuna and dolphin. Sailing around the anak krakatau - krakatoa or the child of krakatau volcano to see larva melting down in every side of krakatau volcano Landing  and climbing up anak Krakatoa - Krakatau volcano are very interesting activities skin dive at coral reef of Big krakatau at Rakata island (The Original Krakatoa - Krakatau Volcano) to see kinds of color full  coral fishes it also interesting, possibility Krakatau tour - Krakatoa tour with one day tour Krakatau or stay over night or camping at Krakatau volcano island. krakatau tour is best choice to those who love with adventure tour and volcano fotos tour, one of ring of fire tour.

Peucang Island BeachVisit and Tour Ujung Kulon National Park The World Heritage Site, the Ujung Kulon Tour or park over an excellent spot for eco tourism. located in the Western Tip of Java Island, Handeleum Island, Peucang Island, Panaitan Island , mountain Honje range and the water surrounding, make the area a complete and outstanding nature conservation. Ujung Kulon Tour and adventure tracking tropical rain forest enjoying and exploring the virgin jungle of tropical rain forest to see wild life and stay in the most beautiful Island in Ujung kulon is Peuacang island with white soft sandy beaches glassy water, visiting the grazing ground and canoeing at the Cigenter river through the tropical rain forest try to see the most endangered animal of one horn Rhinoceros or Javan Rhinoceros, Leopard, Javan Gibbon and Wild Bull. Ujung Kulon National Park is one of the beautiful and unique National Park in Indonesia.

Sunda strait map
Krakatau Tours / Krakatoa Tour and trips
Our tour and trips to Krakatau Krakatoa take you off the beaten path, into the worlds you never knew existed.
Travel back in time: witness centuries-old rituals primaeval forests and ancient creatures of land and sea.
Travel into the depths of the wild: explore the jungle canopies, volcanic mountainside and whitewater rivers, hidden caverns, remote beaches and varied coral reefs.
Travel with Purpose: save endangered wildlife and threatened cultures and encourage local communities, to conserve their bio-cultural heritage.


krakatau tour night trip krakatoa tour at elevation of  Tour Krakatoa - Krakatau volcano hiking and climbing anak krakatau - Krakatoa tour


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Java Rhino Eco-Tour Indonesia
Let's do adventure tour In Indonesia and Safe our Planet
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